Saturday, July 16, 2011

Social Restaurant & Wine Bar

Girls Night Out! Being wine drinkers, we have heard through the grapevine that Social was the place to go. After arriving without a reservation we found that the place was booked solid for the entire evening. We hovered in the bar area until a high top opened up and ran for it. Our waitress promptly asked for our drink order. The wine list is amazing and even better the wines are on TAP! The food is served tapas style and it came out one dish at a time. If you don't want to share you will be rudely eating in front of your friends or even worse, watching your friend eat while you patiently wait for what feels like forever.

My first choice was to try one of their many pizzas made in a wood burning oven. I opted for the Far East version ($15 to share with the table or $10 for yourself), which was topped with steak, shitakes, scallions, dry jack, and asian bbq sauce. The crust was extremely bland. It reminded me of a crispy flour tortilla. The toppings were haphazardly put in the center of the pizza, leaving a large portion of the bland crust with nothing  on it. I think I would have been more forgiving if the toppings stretched out towards the edge.

My last choice I was extremely excited about: Ground Kobe Beef Sliders ($11 for two or $14 for three). These come served with more Yukon Chips (minus the fondue). The sliders are served with fried quail egg, scallion aioli, crispy shallots, and tillamook cheddar. Unfortunately, there weren't any fireworks here. I'm not sure where the fried quail egg was and the toppings were applied very sparingly, which would be fine if the kobe beef wowed me. Kobe beef tastes best when the cooking time is minimal. These burgers were served at medium well, which left it tasting like regular old ground beef, which was a major bummer.

My conversation was good and the wine tasted great. The food left something to be desired and so did my waitress when she continuously asked me if I was ready for my bill. I will also warn that this place is loud. I would definitely go back here to sample the wine and maybe get an appetizer while I wait out my dinner reservation elsewhere.

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